Thursday, November 13, 2014

Donkey in Hills

  • Hills of Donkeys
  • Can not Stop, Must Keep Going Forward, Mars The God of War, March was named after him. March foruth, only command of the year, moving forward, every day. Thanks So Much For the Words To Get Started, Sanint and sinners, joys and pains,  dinner time, fires on the sands of time. Happy to Start getting better, delighter with new year, friends in high places, places to see. Heavens and mountains, snow on mountain tops, sights to see, one more day. Songs to sing, happy dazes again, glory daze done, heaven in hell. 

    Sima Jarrot: 7607778998: Transplants-Paul, Charlie E. , and Steven Jarrot-7608512267: a bun in the oven, 3 weeks from birth. Sept 4, 1962 a whale is born an American Toad. More toads to cum. Holiday?Cuba is better than Mexico, and those family members are used to be projection for their owning feeling. It is how we get our feel good. So help me become the great Jewish Party Person, who is much better than a Rock Star. At least the Rock Stars are not equal to me in the Big Apple. Snakes in Apple is a worm in Paradise, or the snake with the weak man, who wanted SEX for the apple tree in the garden of good and evll, choices made, pattern set.

    Sky Angel: One for the road, Natalie Cole, 2016: on the first of new year, high blood pressure, may have helped, still dead, soon to be planted, sad story to share. Hello Mom, Hello Sally Anne Desilva, How are the boys? Micheal and my brother, Buddy Bailey, nice house on the hill, pieces of heaven in my head. City of the dead, still alive, living in big houses, out on the lake, fishing, like way back when. If you want to go there.
  • The big bang is open dated to be completed when seasoned, the wrongs and the rights, the high road choices, the fast and easy choices to be noted, a time and a season.
  • Stars Shines: Day Terrors
  • Race Completed: Targets Adjusted
  •  Hell on Earth :Jewish White-Super-sized: Snakes in the den.Seven Snakes within each clan member.

     Okay, great day to be alive and on the right side of the grave, a good day always for me, how about you? Time to remove the mask, or get lost in the mixed, and it is always about control, of course. Email address exchange time, and more details to build the house on sand? ..and to have loss my tablet to a guy getting over script drugs, and now he wanted to point fingers at someone else for his behavior.

     Just one case of jumping into the fire, and the rest of the holes in reasons why, just more lies so save it..
    Day of the Dead: November 2, 2014: Happy Dazes for the dead again, happy dazes for family and friends again for the undead and dead members, songs to sing again, for peace, love, trust, truths, honesty, and the clean wash of the new dead people on the left side of the grave. Graves to you and graves to me, and the sunshine and the brightness of a new day.

     Jackasses to dodge Steven and Rachel Jarrot. 9096251371. Rach Jay, Sima and Sheri Jarrot, 7608512267. Pimp on land, pimp in Upland, golden cows, hairless turkeys to fuck, on down low. Sex changes, fist up ass tricks to trade. Gifts from seven snakes, frog in mirror, looks fading. Computers and phone stolen more than six times. Sinners or saints, birds and bees, dogwood butterflies stuck in snake dens. Good times, lessons learned, once a snake always a snake, cheater. Glasses colored in mud, glasses covered in cum, glasses for frogs and freaks. Earth angels, fairies, and pixies stuck in a pack of wolves. Mountains to climb, back from the dead, saved.

    Thought for the day:
    No one can choose your mountain, or tell you when to climb.....
    It's yours alone to challenge at your own pace and in your own sweet time to start.

    Life in the fast lane, riding in a RV camping of course, dream life for a few, life in hell for others, something to share, for how long can this last. RV Camping, on the down low, a white gay guy with a good heart. Likes his image of a dream lover, and oral specialist and the best cock sucker in California? not sure about official titles given or received. Best of luck in prayers, wishes, hopes, and desires, today and forever.

    • Steven Jay Jarrot/ Prince Frogs -Snake in the Grass Alert!!!!!!

      This was a four year camping trip, and had $11,000 in Sept 2011, used for a trip to Washington State, green eyed snake make this a trip of hell with selfish, self-centered man with his own agencgdy. Had 2001 Solara loaded with goods from a storage unit. Parked the car in Ventura, and started Camping by RV again, and almost lost the car to other thievs and street cleaning.

    • More money lost was $12,000 in March of 2013-May 2013-Steven Jay Jarrot, stolen cash for three tryes 3 wheel scooters, with money taken from live in maid or slave for the last three years. She was almost dead at 105 pounds and had a replacement to cash county checks from SSDI, did in April at Wells Fargo Bank on Sunrise and Vista Chino, who gave away this disable veterans cash. After the links on Facebook, and My space for the theives in question for these crimes and others. The total amount stolen in 2013 was $37,000 and fingers are pointed a Steven Jay Jarrot first, Dewight Lacy for second place, then Patrica Campbell or the north end of Palm Springs, and there are others as well, even family members like Rachel, Sheri and Sima Jarrot.

    • Steven Jay Jarrot, stole car with assistance from AAA, and Randy Serro of Lynnwood, who was the receiver of stolen car by Steve, and he kept hidden from police and insurance peopele as well as AAA. Steven had fake key made to steal car, but did not have computer chip in it so it would not start. Steve view is he took car (not stole), so he could come back to say hello? Fingers were pointed at others, and blame was toss at fairy or butterfly that had another day of rebirth, so that person died to be reborn again....

    • Snake in the grass and a evil person is the way my friends and my family and the strangers that hear ths recap say about this family of Steven Jay Jarrot, and his daught Rachel or Rocky the fag hag two -Jarrot, and Sheri Jarrot are all birds of the feather and the one and same in all family matters, to include Charles R. Jarrot: , Jackie and Sima Jarrot in this clan.

    To return to stage one, rebirth in process, looks and charms works so well, have to learn a new trick or two, donkeys in the hills of Riverside, CA. Returns, rewards, gifts to be given for great work of goodness and kindness to the lost, confused, mental wreaks, veterans, females black and Mexican, and the love of family, the love of the down and out, help given with free will.

     Help, love, peace and joy of the moments share. Gifts of happiness, gifts of sunshine, gifts of laughter daily presents to share. Hands up not hand outs, gifts of peace and love by the sea. Daily gifts of life, thanks so much for the present, and the lessons of yesterday.

    Saturday, April 5, 2014

    Out of the Box: Freaks, Frogs, Good Time Toads, Faces In The Crowds.

    Out of Pond: In the end it is about what you survive and how it will make you stronger in the long run. Hope is the reason for the drive for more, and bigger and greater, and that is a personal statement, so it has a different meaning for everyone. That is just my belief. The last four years were hell on earth, and 2013 was the worst year to date, and I thank God within the father, me and myself daily for the light at the end of the turnnel, and my hopes and dreams that are actions and plans and steps to get there.

    Tribe Members Notes: Happy and delighted to have another day in the present, happy and gay for the windows and doors open, friends, family, foes, strangers to friends, time to let the sun shine in. Open the doors and open the windows, see the sun shining outside, time to make the donuts or not. Jobs are the gifts needed to live the full and happy lives that we dream about. Silver spoons alerts are not needed with looks, charms and graces.

    Winter Dreams ready for fun and games, ready for Christmas in July. Had hell on wheels with the life of a happy camper for three long years, and the bumps alone the way were the pits, and the company was the worst for a life without running water. Waste matter on a RV is home on wheels for Steve Jarrot, and he wants to share this life of hardships to the next sucker that is female with a house, and cash to spend on him and the cows and buffalo that he lives for as the hamel of the group. Black or Spanish and with enough to give and give and keep on giving to the RV, the buses, planes, and trains back to Vegas, Denver, Boulder, and the beaches of California, new company to transport you into tomorrow, and on the left side of the grave.

    Snake in the grass alert:Catier Kitten -Snakes In The Grass on Vimeo-2 Snake in the grass | Define Snake in the grass at‎ Snake in the grass definition, a treacherous person, especially one who feigns and of candy, flowers, diamonds (glass), in the name or words of truth and honesty in a twisted way, acceptable to family and friends.

     Danial George, Sheri Jarrot, Rachel Jarrot, and Charley and Charles and Jackie with Sima Jarrot, not Angela the angel from Mexico and a real saint. Hope all your wishes come true, fame and wealth with out the work because you can do it on somebody's else dime, right? Snakes and vipers in the den, ready for new skin or new faces or same old tire ones as before, stuck in the past and the good days passed.‎ Phone: (760) 851 - 2267 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (760) 851 - 2267 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. 760 360 1613 I will give a cash reward to anyone ...Steve Jarrot - Poker Player - Card Player:Steve Jarrot: Hendon.

    Third party views, and that's where we stop counting views in place, have extra views to share, good time to write up. Thanks for your help, lasting  impressions made, love and hate, horns on goats, hurt and broken, earth angel then, was nice, kind, and understanding, once, back in the day. My mother LLissa Desilva, said  she loved you then, the stories  told to keep fires burning, she she to  tell you thanks again. Blue  birds  notes in dogwood  trees.

    Back in the day, March thought May 19, 2013: History recorded, views to share, recaplilations, reflections, things over and done, turning more pages, getting back up. Third party views.  Just like daddy she has not learned that you cannot stop time and expect things to wait for you and not change. Not in this world is how it works. Not only is this the bald baby of Steven Jay Jarrot, and the cow that begat her the hairdresser of 53205 Avienda Ramiriz in La Quinta, California, crocks, thieves and liars, but they can justified everything that they do and point the fingers at others.

    According to Sheri Jarrot, the fag hag, Upland, CA? The actions and the behavior of this family, was it Steven Jay Jarrot, who gave the commands for the money spent of LLissa Desilva to give to his kid. He did not know the meaning of the word love ever it appears with his actions. Steven  Jarrot, wanted LLissa Desilva dead, and he wanted her money to make his lifestyle better. He was and still is a meth head, and his world is ruled with this drug, he wanted LLissa to stave to death. On May 5, 2013 he made statement that death would be welcome for him during a fire that almost killed both of them (Steven and LLissa), in a RV that caught on fire in Redlands, California in August of 2012.

    Mob Poker:Ready for dream woman for Steven Jarrot? ..... Where is My Mind (1988) ✌✨πŸŒπŸ’«πŸ˜‰πŸ‘✨ Buttercup ...One or two more acts of folly should, thereafter, not matter very much at all.".Trust Someone Depends on Their Response to This Moral Dilemma...🎡🎼🎢🎻🎻🎢🎼🎡 
    BUT no "quicky-quicky" I just want some quality time. Nothing weird. Totally safe.. and thats all!! And most important... if we become friends, and you see that I really am a totally cool and good guy. We can do it again. Stories told long ago, holiday hits, to give, to get, circles of love, circles of luck, circles of life to live.Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me.Rotten Apples, Genetically Modified. Snakes And Worms, Bite Me. Frog Faces.Snakes 2! Dodge, Steven Jarrot 7608512267 ...

    Lovers, haters, dogs and donkeys, good time toads, heads to count, leaders, learners, losers, whales on land. Upland dikes, fags, hags, Rachel Gay Jarrot, nuts to cum, waste of time, good times, frogs, freaks, fools, snakes in the grass, pages to books, songs in the winds, glory holes open wide, toss salads, nuts on the down low. Cheap tricks, whales on land, Sima Jarrot, lovers, haters, suckers for free rides, good time toads.Rotten Apples, Genetically Modified. Snakes And Worms, Bite Me. Frog Faces.Snakes 2! Dodge, Steven Jarrot 7608512267 ...

    Sheri Jarrot, steers, queers, cows to call, cattle runs, faces in the shadows, Pimps, crooks, cheaters, liars, gang bangs daily.Hello Texas ✈️ Can't wait to be back home πŸ˜ŽJewJew jew go back to hellπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜²πŸ€“πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜¬πŸ˜©πŸ˜¨πŸ˜³πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜  Gems To Love, .Live, Learn, Laugh, Waves Of Views, Values, Voices To Blast, Sunny And Bright, Birthdays Daily, Christmas Also.Rotten Apples, Genetically Modified. Snakes And Worms, Bite Me. Frog Faces.Snakes 2! Dodge, Steven Jarrot 7608512267 ...

    Freaks, Frogs, Spiders, Worms, Waves Of Views, Voices, Values, Pages To Books.I'll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy & Faith Evans feat (112) Veterans to watch out.Good Times, Joys And Pains, Dances In Purple Rain, Ship To Cross, Paths On The Water, Beach Views. Franky Froghats 2, faces of friends, family members, foes for the knights, songs to sing. I'll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy & Faith Evans feat (112) Rotten Apples, Genetically Modified. Snakes And Worms, Bite Me. Frog Faces.Snakes 2! Dodge, Steven Jarrot 7608512267 ...

    We can meet once a week and I can give you 200 every time. We can go out to eat... Disneyland.... Vegas.... anything.... I will pay. Rotten Apples, Genetically Modified. Snakes And Worms, Bite Me. Frog Faces.Snakes 2! Dodge, Steven Jarrot 7608512267 ...So.... Asian ONLY only, please no smokers or drug users. Ages 21-45. Now if your interested please send me a picture. SEND A PIC... send a pic! send picture....if you dont send your pic I will not respond. Stories told long ago, holiday hits, to give, to get, circles of love, circles of luck, circles of life to live.Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me.

    ... GDLKG BI MALE, glory holes open wide, salads to toss, dicks in lines, dawgs, good time toads, party all the time. Crook, cheater, liar, wales on land, cheap fucks, heads to count, tricks, trades, shit in a bag. RV dreamer, faces in layers of dung, shit and fecal matters. Frogs in groups, peas in pads, family affairs, cows to call, cattle runs. Army of toads, frogs, monkeys in packs to dodge, dimes to drop.

          Jarrot, Steven Jay September 04, 1962 Steven Jay Jarrot : Owner/Consultant; ANYWAY 7608512267 and or 760 360 1613 for the ride of a lifetime, sex, drugs, and a life cocksucker to suck the life, money and free will out and be a slave again, a once in a lifetime event for blacks and spanish ladies and men to boot. What are you waiting for ? › ... › Midnight Star - Snake In The Grass Official Video.[ Rap and Hip-Hop ] Open Question : Steven Jay Jarrot on Truthful ... › ... Snakes in the Grass: Let's Make Out/Dicks Out of Box Please:.......... fantastic | Facebook‎ Steven Jay Jarrot on ...‎ Truthful and Honest, just punch lines? PLEASE

    EXCUSE THE CAPS EASIER TO SEE. WELL HELLO. I'M A WHITE/CUBAN MAN..Steven Jarrot  7608512267. It is hard to say where a man stays that is not at ease in his skin. This is a man that thinks the sun raising with the gifts that he was given. Has a twisted views of fat kid,just because she lost her natural hair, and likes to play alone with herself in the dark, and it is a family joke that Sheri Jarrot likes to share at the hairshops she works.  Out of the Box: Freaks, Frogs, Good Time Toads, Faces In The Crowds.

    So what she is fatter because of medications given for lack of nature hair, that is always someone or something else on the lack of control when eating. Live to eat again and again, and all events are about what to eat next, just another cow to buffalo that does fly, so watch out below....... And he can ...calls next Jewish White Star, or Jewish Star, or just Rock star......or just the best of the Jewish Army 2005, or just cow to buffalo, it is so hard to say on that note. Noun snake in the grass. Out of the Box: Freaks, Frogs, Good Time Toads, Faces In The Crowds.

    (plural snakes in the grass) (idiomatic) A treacherous person.  [quotations ▲] 1906, Horatio Alger, Randy of the River, ch. 6: "I trusted him too much from the start. He has proved to be a snake in the grass." 1914, William MacLeod Raine, A Daughter of the Dons, ch. 5: "Is he not here to throw us out—a thief, a spy, a snake in the grass?" Jewish Army 2005 Can be reach at 7608512267 or 50925 // 760 360 1613 : La Quinta, California 92253.(May 9, 2013) with kid with a .. Handsome WM iso Female any race with room for rent -

    Craigslist Call me if interested a lick or a suck, 760-851-2267. Location: Palm springs or Upland....Ventura......Oxnard.......beaches....m4m fun in RV at Santa Monica, watch porn and get dick suck also, bring a chocolate girl with wet shaved clean kitty to be licked for a long long time ? 760 360 ... Steven Jay Jarrot/ Prince Frogs These are statements created by Steven Jay Jarrot, who can be reached at

    7608512267, or, that are filled with his ... Kitten -Snakes In The Grass on Vimeo ... Just like sire, also a cow to buffalo state monthly out of Upland,CA.  Out of the Box: Freaks, Frogs, Good Time Toads, Faces In The Crowds.‎‎...Jarrot/Sheri‎ Upland, CA . Age 55 (Born 1959) (760)3601613. Fag hag 1-Sheri Jarrot of Upland, and Rachel Jarrot- fag hag 2- cow to buffalo state monthly on granddaddy's dime, why not it is not her money, and who will give more to be in a place of Jewish Stars..... Out of the Box: Freaks, Frogs, Good Time Toads, Faces In The Crowds. ...

    Just another frog:Rachel or Rocky Jarrot- Cow to Buffalo State Monthly?
    • Rachel JarrotEnjoy.

      Just another frog tale, and the Jewish Rock Stars, and or the Jewish Army 2005, and how truth and honest is clear as mud from this tribe of snakes and vipers, is one way to share the experiences with Steve, Rachel, Sheri, Charley, Sima, Jackie Jarrot....etc 

      Cali cow, Rachel or Rocky Jarrot, or just a fag hag just like Sheri Jarrot or Sima Jarrot? All three legs of a stool appearance, the acorn and the tree on same page, one and the same, started in same clan for a lifetime......fags, fag hags, Jewish Rock Stars, and member of the Jewish Army 2005, and the new royal, the Queen of England, Sima Jarrot, the Cuban transplant.