Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mother Raghead

Sima Shins
Rags out, rags on head, hair to hide, naps and all, white hairs Sima Jarrot. Sima Sunny, Sima Bright, rags on head instead of dye. Jokes in family, donkeys in hills, snakes in dens, my family collar. A crime to waste time, crooks and robbers marking time, cum from parents, what a waste of cum in the night. Steven and Sima Jarrot, steals for fun, cather to suck, pitchers in line, jokes online in family names. Sima and Sheri Jarrot, still lovers on down low. Sex slaves for time and attention, low standards, black and yellow, snakes and frogs to date 7608512267. The big bang is open dated to be completed when seasoned, the wrongs and the rights, the high road choices, the fast and easy choices to be noted, a time and a season.

  • Stars Shines: Day TerrorsRace Completed: Targets AdjustedHell on Earth :Jewish White-Super-sized: Snakes in the den.Seven Snakes within each clan member. Okay, great day to be alive and on the right side of the grave, a good day always for me, how about you? Time to remove the mask, or get lost in the mixed, and it is always about control, of course. Email address exchange time, and more details to build the house on sand? ..and to have loss my tablet to a guy getting over script drugs, and now he wanted to point fingers at someone else for his behavior.

  •  Just one case of jumping into the fire, and the rest of the holes in reasons why, just more lies so save it. Day of the Dead: November 2, 2014: Happy Dazes for the dead again, happy dazes for family and friends again for the undead and dead members, songs to sing again, for peace, love, trust, truths, honesty, and the clean wash of the new dead people on the left side of the grave. Graves to you and graves to me, and the sunshine and the brightness of a new day.

    Thought for the day:No one can choose your mountain, or tell you when to climb.....It's yours alone to challenge at your own pace and in your own sweet time to start. Life in the fast lane, riding in a RV camping of course, dream life for a few, life in hell for others, something to share, for how long can this last. RV Camping, on the down low, a white gay guy with a good heart. Likes his image of a dream lover, and oral specialist and the best cock sucker in California? not sure about official titles given or received. Best of luck in prayers, wishes, hopes, and desires, today and forever.

    Very catchy beat! Freaks, fools, gang bangers, Steven and Charles R. Jarrot  7607778998
     2015 (26)....►  March (1).....►  February (8).....▼  January (17).....Spineless Snakes.....Road Bumps.....Bright Shooting Stars.....Common Dreams.....House Dreams....Dazes Dreams.....Nightmares Dazed.....Kiss My Grits.....Jokes Today.....Jackasses 2 Kiss....Bitches 2 Buffs....Color Hairs Dressed....Angels in the Aires....Dark Sides.....Party Dazes Done....Dark Moons.....Wood Bear Dung

    Lion Angels: Angels on earth, earth angels and fairies, faithful and true. Gifts in stories online, lyon snakes in places below. Hell hounds with sinners and saints, lyon tails.  Ghost Writers: Tats and ticks, butches to date 562 200 9102, bitches in heat, Reese Smith 333, on chest. Party and play with Dick Jarrot, and Reese Smith, cum suckers, in Long Beach, CA. Tales to hurt, stories by text, to harm to kill the monkeys on side streets, best buy frogs to date. Stolen blue car, gifts of sinners and saints. Notes to cops, bend coppers, white and round. Land whales, crooks and wolves, dances on the beach.

    Masks On: Jokes online, lots of laughter, laughs out load,lots of luck, with your good looks. Third party views, fail to learn in first attempts in learning new skills, English notes, not for stupid and dense folks. Good times on the edge of earth, art work on the edge of the world, once more into the woods. Fairy tales, Red and the Wolf, the mad hatter, lots of laughs for Alice.

    Standards set for strangers to friends, time and space to share, believe in yourself, believe in your reasons for peace and love by the seas, running races. Rats, horse and pony shows, frogs and fish. Fr