Friday, December 4, 2015

Pots Filled, Goodness And Mercy, Angels Around, Glory Dazes Done

Which Witch Rides The Moon, on the clouds at nights, stars shooting lights, colors of the rainbows, gold in pots, cash off trees, every house has one. Fairy tales, bibile  stories, sheep and goats, horns of love and hate, both sides of heads, check it out. People in their animal skins, 12 in all, hours of a day, months in a year, 2 times 12. Signs in the ski, stars sing bring, angels in hostd, flying on clouds, kids, and young at heart. Perfection young. Once upon a time, long ago, in the lands of witches and spells, hairs colored red, blue, or yellow, birds and dogface butterflies, in the flowers, in the trees. Bees for honey, bees with butterflies, bugs and ants, part players in the woods. Happy and delighted, happy for another day here.

All the angels out to play, Santa Claus, Saint Nick, Father Time on the seas. Fish and frogs, snakes and hogs, monkeys in packs in the trees. Monkeys to see, monkeys to act a part, not one to stay in one place,monkeys and snakes to swing. Classes in the woods, classes on the beach, classes for love and devotion-Jewish  styles. Billy Joel, Billy goats, Billy Ideas  Jesus Christ, dead on dogwood trees, out of the woods. Bastard born in a barn, to save the world, how many times? Horse and pony shows, Jim Jones, Jewish Charlies, G. I. Joes, stories to tell, hands out for Uncle Sam. Thanks to military, past and present, great jobs. Frogs for seals, Navy and Army members, frogs and fish, thanks for time servef.

Gifts for Veterans: Pieces of a dream, notes to share, of the good times, the sad times, and the bumps in the road. Happy and delighted for the gifts to share, with the words written of the times and periods on the cross, the men and women of the military. Stories, tales, and treats for the young, hope for the earth angels, the saints and the sinners, gifts to view the tales and the stories.

Who will write the stories for the cash on the table? Hopes and prayers, for a better day, better dazes under the suns. Powers in numbers, cum by threes, the fathers, the sons, and stars out bright. The best, the great, and the witty, birds and bees, in the woods, girls and red hoods, red hats, hairs out in the winds. 420 wins, winds blowing the bells and horns, sheep and goats, love and hate on heads. Time to stand tall, witches, fairies, pixies, and earth angels out to score. Tricks and trades, frogs and fish, water to pots, dinner on the tables. Jumps for joy, jumps for laugh, monkeys swinging from tree to tree.

Hands out to help your up, hands out to reach for you and swing you back on track, back to the road to riches. Help with you hand back into the life of dreams, wishes and desires for the lost, for the confused, and the homeless veterans, out on the streets. We can help you, will you allow up to help you up with another hand or two, to lighten your load?