Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fight Masks

Tiger Mask Dance
Change is something that many folks have a problem with, not in that group. It's  also about growth. Not ready to push up daisies, and do not have time to sleep until I am buried. So the work has to be done, and the peter piper is the first one out, to sing and dance and be the leader for the next group of people in place for greatness.

To learn life lessons, to practice to perfection, to fail is equal to meaning of: first attempts in learning, to end is also effects never die, and no means next  opportunity, turn page and move on. Practice to perfection to not fail to learn lessons the first time.  The best dazes yet to come, for the time of our lives. Jumps for joy for another day on the right side of the grave. Going forward to better dazes.

Animals masks wore all the time, more under skin to flash changes sometimes. Tigers, lions, and bears, on top of food chains. Hunger drives the focus on projects, paperwork, and games or races to win. Daily dances done. Dances done for the rites to passage over life. Animals inside to dances, to fight, and to guide. Rules to greatness, dances to do, songs to sing of dazes passed. Dances do do, for the joys and pains. Happy feet, fires burning, dances for the good times in the sun.

Goodness and mercy angels for me, to serve and protected fools and the young at heart. The kids of all ages, the young at heart, in touch with the child within. Good times on the right side, seasons, reasons and causes to climb mountains. Choose your mountains to climb at your own pace, help others alone the way. Tales and stories, song and dances, around the dogwood trees.

Delights and joys in the morning, hands out to assist you up and out of darkness. Time to let the dead, undead and unstable dogs lie, leave happy or sad, for help from skies. Goodness and mercy for the young, the kids with songs to sing. Classes over for the cattle, buffalo, and snakes. Done to death, help for sick frogs with out plans, dead dogs and flies, tales and stories to share the journey.

It is a secret what that is for each and every one of us, and it is why we were sent to stay on earth, to complete a task or two. What is it for you? What is it for the people that you cross on your journey on earth? How in touch are you? If you are a one page person, this is not for you, you believe in nothing that matters, because your book does not have enough pages to keep anyone’s attention for long.

The people that you cross during your lifetime are there for a purpose, a reason, a season or a lifetime , you just have desire what the reason is. It may or may not be something that you know from the beginning, or something that you decide from their actions.

Most people are one page people; their book of life is a one page book, not much there to read between the lines at all. So what do you do with people like that? Not sure, depending on when they showed up, and what you need to get completed.

Turning the pages on a dark period, moving on to a brighter dazes on the beach, it is time. Dates with a horse charmer, 420 blowing in the wind, watching the horses cum and go, pieces of a dream, the birds and the bees. Dreams of mine, on the beach, watching the horses down,  for the water after a race or two. Animals and bugs that fly, gifts of wings to get here and there, new starts are the meaning of the butterflies.

Angels, fairies, and pixies are the girls that I know, every day earth angels, for the smiles, for the joys and the laughter of the friends on the side lines. Friends, family members, saints and sinners at the forks in the road, take the high road, not the easy roads. Sails on the boats of the seas of changes, butterflies out for the colors of the sunny dazes on the shores. Hope for the best, and get ready for the pits in the bowls of cherries. Lemons for the sugar and spices for the girls to make the most of the bumps in the road, and drinks made of the lemons, dodging the rocks under the sands of time.

Races with the horses, races with the rats, races for the sinners and the saints, races for the frogs, freaks, and fool, chances to change, lessons complete, or mistakes still to correct. Lessons learned the first time is best, but take all the time needed to learn the lessons well. Repent over and over again, if needed, a couple of can short of a six pack, or the simple or slow have problems with the words truthful and honest. Problems with faithful and bullshit, do not know the difference from the cows and the bison, whales on land, and jack asses from the hills and the valleys.

Tin Men Turns: Lessons learned the first time, gifts and rewards given for the corrections to the mistakes made to make you stronger.

Pies in the sky, in the land of the blind, gifts with the pots of gold at the end of the rainbows? Where is Peter Pan, where are the others that live in never  land, to party for the night lights to shine? Sailing away to better dazes, better causes to sing and dance. Happy feet today dances in the sun, good times to share classes done. Happy for gifts of stories to write, joys and pains of growth. 

Tigers dances, dogwood trees, with the monkeys swinging in the branches. Flowers open, birds and bees out for treats. Birds and butterflies, flowers to smell, pieces used for homes. Summertime dreams up in the air. Dreams and desires to ride high in the sky in a baloon. Something for thanks for a life to share.

 Back in time to 1492, the giants in place, the ships that sailed to new worlds, on sea. Good times for Chris the captain of three ships. Maria the ship mate, name of one of the ships. Stories and tales to explore in time and spaces. Voices in my head, past lifes, the powers in the numbers. So much power to expand, happy to climb mountains, ready to run to boat to sail the seven seas. More dreams of life in 1492 to expand, the powers of the numbers. 

 Rain today, rain go away, or rain to learn how to dance in the rain? Happy for life, living in a blue state, peace colored blue stones to wear or carry in your heart. Good tales of bumps in the road, snakes to leave alone, lessons learned. Can't fix or change others, a waste of time, on the fence or not. Horses and rats running races to greatness to complete daily races done. 

Missing The Boat: Tales and tips to share, stories from others, third party views. Noses and views common, every one has a nose and views to share, please yourself. Help when you can, watch out for snakes. Sisters with other mothers and tales of life on the edge. Lots of mask wore, truth and honesty used as punch lines, frogs, freaks, and fish out of seas of frogs. Hoping for hope to turn the page, get back on boat, back to party on the sands of time. 

▼  2015 (24)►  February (16) January (8)Snake Battles Won....Face Fears....Goat Horns: Love..Thanks 2 Shining Dazes..Blue Stars Shines..Stars Shines....Life Tall Walks...Humping Dazes....

Clowns and jokers to the right:  seas of frogs and snakes, dancing in the dark. Classes on the beach, herds of whales, dens of snakes, dances on thr beach. Green cash, green luck, green backs, rewards and bonus on acts and wishes, dreams in motion. Monkeys swing from dogwood trees, biblical tales to spin, American Birds on hands, stars and wishes.  Dances in the rain, dances in the dark, to dream to dance, life is a beach. Every day about survival, my rivals, my gods, man to man, sex up in airs. Moot to date, moot to changes, moot to mountian to climb. To cum and to go, dreams on sands of time, life is a gift. Time to praises pretty productive people, maps to sunshine. Trips to the moon, seven seas, seven seasons, seven snakes, in the light, blinded.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Fairies Faced

Faces in Mirror:Looks and charms to tame frogs, fish, and foes. Charms of a fairy, or a child at heart. Games to play, jokes on frogs and freaks. Dances on the edges of main streets in the dark. Oral talents to shine, turns to spin on faces of oral experts, and land whales. Tales to share. Tales of people in their animal faces in the mirror. Messenger of song and dances in the wind on sands of time. Time never stops on land or seas.

Sisters with different mothers, tales of joys and pains of lessons learned. Dances done around dogwood trees, monkeys left in the trees. Monkeys in the trees, donkeys on land, land whales dead. Death dances done in fields of jackasses. Good people dead daily. Bad ones also. Stories left to share of days done to death. Happy notes of time under the sun, waves created with views shared. Bumps in the road, gifts to share in tales told around the globe. Weird Works Wonders: W e I r d= wonderful :Exciting : interesting : Real: Different. Yes I  am weird always, you? Why be normal, different is wonderful, words to live in the lands of shades, and darkness out, for fairies to color the skies.

Which Witch Rides The Moon, on the clouds at nights, stars shooting lights, colors of the rainbows, gold in pots, cash off trees, every house has one. Fairy tales, bibile  stories, sheep and goats, horns of love and hate, both sides of heads, check it out. People in their animal skins, 12 in all, hours of a day, months in a year, 2 times 12. Signs in the ski, stars sing bring, angels in hostd, flying on clouds, kids, and young at heart. Perfection young. Once upon a time, long ago, in the lands of witches and spells, hairs colored red, blue, or yellow, birds and dogface butterflies, in the flowers, in the trees. Bees for honey, bees with butterflies, bugs and ants, part players in the woods. Happy and delighted, happy for another day here.

All the angels out to play, Santa Claus, Saint Nick, Father Time on the seas. Fish and frogs, snakes and hogs, monkeys in packs in the trees. Monkeys to see, monkeys to act a part, not one to stay in one place,monkeys and snakes to swing. Classes in the woods, classes on the beach, classes for love and devotion-Jewish  styles. Billy Joel, Billy goats, Billy Ideas  Jesus Christ, dead on dogwood trees, out of the woods. Bastard born in a barn, to save the world, how many times? Horse and pony shows, Jim Jones, Jewish Charlies, G. I. Joes, stories to tell, hands out for Uncle Sam. Thanks to military, past and present, great jobs. Frogs for seals, Navy and Army members, frogs and fish, thanks for time servef.

Gifts for Veterans: Pieces of a dream, notes to share, of the good times, the sad times, and the bumps in the road. Happy and delighted for the gifts to share, with the words written of the times and periods on the cross, the men and women of the military. Stories, tales, and treats for the young, hope for the earth angels, the saints and the sinners, gifts to view the tales and the stories.

Who will write the stories for the cash on the table? Hopes and prayers, for a better day, better dazes under the suns. Powers in numbers, cum by threes, the fathers, the sons, and stars out bright. The best, the great, and the witty, birds and bees, in the woods, girls and red hoods, red hats, hairs out in the winds. 420 wins, winds blowing the bells and horns, sheep and goats, love and hate on heads. Time to stand tall, witches, fairies, pixies, and earth angels out to score. Tricks and trades, frogs and fish, water to pots, dinner on the tables. Jumps for joy, jumps for laugh, monkeys swinging from tree to tree.

 Colors that blend to changing colors, to the end of the rainbows. Green Frog, and the Blue Ranger, the blue baby, born a little green, his mother Doris said. Seeing colors fly around the world. Songs to sing for the saints and sinners, around the world. Good times sailing.

Clowns and jokers, games of hate for views online, history of love and hate, horns of a goat. Summertime  lessons, on shore, wolves, snakes, frogs, cattle, and land whales. Games to play with the pictures to dad, jokes on you, turkeys. Who cares how small and mean you are, lots of hot air blowing. You have friends full of hate, ready to tear down, ladies with fingers to show the lights on beasts, fools, and frogs. How is that going two years later, plans to find and destroy, the singing blue jay. Notes in the wind, heartburn and heart attacks, at your age (fifty-five, fifty-three).

Love and hate, the horns of a goat, flip side of the coin, gifts shared. Happy and sad tales, gifts to share, hope floating for rites of passage, seas of tears. Lessons  learned, classes on classic tales shared over time and lifestyle crossed. Life changes, life in the shadows, and light is brought to matters of the heart.

Voices in my head, clocks running, wheels turning. Dances in the rain, boats tied at piers, trips for fairies and earth angels, on boats and planes. The best of dazes on the right side of the grave. Back in space, basket cases and female veterans, keep your hands from haters. Fun and games, love and hate, horns of a goat, flowing in ship of dreams.

Angels goodness and mercy dancing with joys and pleasures. Wishes, dreams, hopes and prayers of the saints and sinners. Life on the end of lines to given peace and love by the sea. Notes of sunny and bright days on the right side. Happy feet, dancing in the wind, songs on the beach or the boat, good times.

Many thanks for the rights to share, views of earth angel or two, the horse and pony shows. Good times of the levels of love and devotion, love and hate, horns on a goat. Crossroad taken, detour into the darkness of the undead  and unstable, images seen in friends, family members, and foes swinging in the seas of fish and frogs. Thanks for the help given, back in the days before third party views came into play. Tales and stories written to heal, to learn, to practice to not fail, to move on quickly to better dazes.