Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Blue Heaven, Coast To Coast, Dreams Works

My Other House In the Sky, Pieces of a dream, hopes to work for, trips to heaven and back. House on the coast. Nice to have a picture of a great house to desire. Party all the time, life is a beach, life is an adventure, fingers on a hand. Songs for the good, songs for the evil, songs for the others that are stuck in between. Monkeys to see, monkeys to do, monkeys for the year 2016. Soon to start, in a few week, songs for the beginning of the year.

 Ships Passed: In the still of the night, just before the stars fade away, dreams in motion. Blue stars, blue angels that far, lesson in the rolls and spins, turrets of darkness. Falls from the sky, falls from castles in the heavens. Night and day battles of the lost, the displaced, confused and upside down. Tricked by spiders and snakes, eaten alive by land whales, hung to dry. Saints and sinners to dine. Snakes on a stick, snakes out of their dens, snakes out at night, between the skins. Goodness and mercy to stake snakes, to burn and bake, trips to the moon.

Houses for the veterans, homes with heat along the beach, starting in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, land with houses will work well, just starting out, have to put the pieces in place, have the hopes, have the dreams, have the nightmares to work with. Back on feet, trying to make new plans, people to see, places to go, and who to go with, questions up in the air. Teacher now of the numbers, cum and sail away today.

Pitt bull in Florida. Back to square one, the directions, for travel, up down and across, travel the numbers to greatness. Lucky dazes for the good, bad and ugly.Light your candles, lift up your lights, tell a tale, write a song, do a dance for the good times. Time of your life, Pitbull-great song, everyday is the best day so far, gifts of the cloud castle in the sky. Happy the sunny and bright dazes after te hazy, gray days are done. Delighted with life, the trips around the dogwood trees, lessons to learn.

Dancing for days, Franky Trees, stuck on couch, 64 years old, root of the tree, six kids on earth. Dream catch, two  victory bikes, no garage for them or car. Driver now, need more cash, trips to Ojha or another letter off in spelling, so what. Hate the state of his life, jokes on the tree hugger for force fun, work stiff, for long time. 

PARTY AND PLAY WITH DADDY, STEVEN  JARROT TRICKS NOT TREATS, SPOOKS AND SNAKES A LIVE  TRADES SEX AND DRUG.... cheap tricks. Blue Lights, Blue Stars, Blue Hairs to you, wonderful site to see, hairs to you, Blue Starrs. One Blue Starr, My sister-wife, fairy friends. Stars Blue, Star Bright, stars out tonight, goodness and mercy angels out, for the wroungs and the right of the matter of the heart. Love and hate, goats and sheep, horns of a goat, hate and love, monkeys to see, moons on the dark side. Happy notes, happy songs to sing, blue and purple hair to share. Twins with Blue and purple hairs, why not.

Starr and Sabrina, Jackson the fairy with the same birthdays as another set of twins in the family, Sima and Samuel Jarrot, the Cuban cousins. Born the same day, sailing the seven seas with the parents, so long ago.Tribe Members Notes: Happy and delighted to have another day in the present, happy and gay for the windows and doors open, friends, family, foes, strangers to friends, time to let the sun shine in. Open the doors and open the windows, see the sun shining outside, time to make the donuts or not. Jobs are the gifts needed to live the full and happy lives that we dream about. Silver spoons alerts are not needed with looks, charms and graces.

Sima Jarrot: 7607778998: Transplants-Paul, Charlie E. , and Steven Jarrot-7608512267: a bun in the oven, 3 weeks from birth. Sept 4, 1962 a whale is born an American Toad. More toads to cum. Holiday?Cuba is better than Mexico, and those family members are used to be projection for their owning feeling. It is how we get our feel good. So help me become the great Jewish Party Person, who is much better than a Rock Star. At least the Rock Stars are not equal to me in the Big Apple. Snakes in Apple is a worm in Paradise, or the snake with the weak man, who wanted SEX for the apple tree in the garden of good and evll, choices made, pattern set.

Horse And Pony Shows, Rats Racing, Monkeys Years 2016, Monkeys to dodge. Good times, classes on the beach, Little Mothers, Rachel Walker, Airt on the Edge of Life, Rachel Hunter the best friend on TV shows, Rach Jay, Rachel Butch, Rachel Jarrot, and girlfriends. Happy dazes again, trips to the moon and back, trip to the heavens to do over again. Angels to see, dead parents, grandmothers up in the skies. Clouds and winds, sunny dazes again, gods in the white sunlight, people in the reams of the 12 and dozens of circles of light. Baseball fields, for the dumb boys, the fields of dreams of baseball jobs. 1940 was the thing to do, before the wars of the worlds started, back in the day.

Photo: How to spend the perfect weekend in Miami this winter

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