Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dreams, Nightmares, Head Trips, Foes To Nuts:Freaks, Donkeys, Jackasses In Fields Of Dreams.

Rat Nights: Nice to see another day. Hate and love, horns of goat. Crooks and snakes, stories of joys and pains, twists and turns, cat and mouse games, cats with nine lives, trips to hell, hung on cross. Land whales games, flip a shark to eat alive, drugs and love, not way to go on. Fun and games, sorrows and pains, Rv Campers to dodge. Happy Tales: Blow jobs for trades, bags of shit, life on the beach.

Night Lights: Good times, sad times to join Blogger Community on G+ . Night Lights: Good times, sad times "Happy notes, jokes online, frogs and snakes: land whales Rachel, Rachellyn1010, Rach, Rocky, Reese Smith, Rachel Wigsout, jokes on land and seas. @taylorswift13 Awww Kanye sent me the coolest flowers!! # Nappy dazes and joyful days, line up stars at night.

Views are like noses, and everyone has one, so what be true to yourself, the only person around daily for you, others might not be out for your best interest. Snakes in the grasses, are fake friends that are true to you as long as it fits, in plans to steal more out of the sex trades with Steven Jarrot, and acorns Rocky, Rachelle, Sima, and Jackie Jarrot or something else, another example in the care and loving natural to them as a group. 

Snake in the grass definition, Sheri B.  Jarrot 7608512267: Queen Steers :Queers :of Whales :Fruits and nuts to go for oral expert of craigslist, half an oz for sum cum to drink for a life time. Prey for searches done daily in Ventura, Upland, or? feigns and of candy, flowers, diamonds (glass), in the name or words of truth and honesty in a twisted way, acceptable to family and friends, Daniel George, Rachel Jarrot Princess Frog -Cum Drip: 7609020855 Princess of Whales, Butch, Bitch, Bottle Blonde Binbo, Party Gitrls, Party and play today …

How many animals under your skin, for a minute, for a lifetime, 12 to rotate, flipping for the night and day, events to race, events to turn your lights on, sinners and saints, coins to flip, turning pages. Mountains to climb, over time and space, horse and pony shows. Tricks over mind, and matter, life is a beach, then you expire. Thought for the day. Happy dazes again, glory days done, circle to run. Treats of the mind, tales of the dates, frogs and snakes, monkeys and dogs, stuck in time, stuck going around the dogwood trees. Games to be played, blame to be placed, lessons to learn. Time and time again, saints and sinners, lessons around the dogwood trees. Stuck on stupid, stuck on self, stuck and no going places at all. Not able to move, not able to go forward, stuck in time, stuck in space, stuck to do over again. Failed to learn. Circles to do. 

Red Eyes, Green Frogs, Poison Darts, Rich Shades

Dreams, Nightmares, Head Trips, Foes To Nuts

Freaks, Donkeys, Jackasses In Fields Of Dreams.

Dreams, Nightmares, Head Trips, Foes To Nuts:Freaks, Donkeys, Jackasses In Fields Of Dreams.
Lights and darkness, games after dark, lots of rules broken, not a home with the streets lights came on. Stuck in time, April 6, 1955, kid of 11 that year, lots of ways to show the lights. Hopes and wishes, dances in the pass, before my life begin, on one level. Hopes and wishes, tales in the pass, hopes to change the head games. Pages of lovers in the dark, pages of lover still boys, pages of lovers baby boomers, tales to share.

Marking time, losing time, running out of time, pink lights on, lots of hugs to share. Pink and purple lights, hope and love, songs to sing, music to play. Music to play, songs to sing, how to rock and roll, songs to sing, all the time, love songs. Hats to horns, sheep and goats, days to dance, lessons learned over time, lost in space, pages to turn, hope and wishes to share. Tales of lots of love, lots of charms, lots of hugs, lots of kisses of frogs over time. Tales of lovers, tales of haters, tales of hard knocks, bumps in the roads, ships to pass at night.

Wood Earth Angel


  1. Steven Jarrot 7608512267: JEALOUS LOW LIFE NIGGERS.SLUTS :LOL:RV Parties. Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, party and play ...Steven Jarrot located in La Quinta, California Steven Jarrot - Find and View People Named Steven Jarrot....Seasons of Changed, Edge Of Darkness, Wishes On Stars: Bright: Blue Starr...Thanks out for seasons of joys and pains, thanks for the time to see it both ways at the same time, and the day of rebirth comes into play and the page is turned. Sun goes west, at the end of the day, the sunsets, take over the sky. Another day done and over, and the colors come to an end, and the sun sets far off in the west. Birds and bees, flowers in the trees, dogwood trees, full of life full of play. Happy for the chances to shine bright, hands out to help others, five minutes of fame, 15 minutes of true happiness to start, help with hands out, to push you on, to better dazes. Over The Falls, end of the world, no brick walls, in this place. Starting the focus, starting the practice for the dances, classes

  2. Monkeys Riding Sharks,Hell And High Waters, Monkeys Riding Sharks, Sluts, Donkeys, Cheap Tricks, Rach Jay: Rachel Gaylnn Jarrot. Spinning Tales Told.You are a star in the dreams that you create when you sleep, dreams in actions are goals and plans in place, dreams and goals vary with the deadlines. Happy and gay is a lifestyle to share with the friends and family with a glasses that are not rose colored, so what about the labels of the haters? What about them, who cares are they feeding you? Are the haters and the frogs, snakes, and freaks giving you money to live? If not their views are just another nose in place for the air when head is up in the air, if you are not over 6 feet tall, then there are a few more words that would work better.

  3. Ways to stand tall, ways to turn around, love and luck, coins to flip. Castles in the sky, dates with knights, dates with kings to come. Lovers and haters, jokes about fags, hags and donkeys for free rides, joys and pains, donkeys and goats, kids to play... Growth and change, dances in the dark, for a fool or a frog. Skip it if you can, here is the story to share, not your daily bread for the wicked, the winners, the saints and the sinners, lights out now. Marines Madness Marches, Wars Won, Roman Gods....Frogs and snakes, in the woods, in the dark, dates to set, another time. Time to stop, to look around, for better things to do, stories and tales of house, is the best that I can do. Listening to the radio, Sunday morning, have to go, and see what I can find, online today.